A few suggestions as to how to keep your newly painted home looking new for many years to come.

Once a painting project has been completed, you have at least two years of relaxation before you need to consider paint maintenance measures. The condition of your home can be maintained in a non-painstaking way. Neglecting the maintenance of any surface on the other hand, can be quite costly and definitely will increase the cost of repair in the end.

Your annual paint inspections should include things like checking for weathered areas, chalking, cracks, loose paint, nail stains, dirt, mildew, etc. Surfaces expand and contract as temperatures change from season to season, causing minor defects such as cracks in caulking. Keeping up with the repairs will keep the maintenance costs to a minimum. Something that has not rotten this year might be rotten next year. If it goes unchecked, the damage can expand to other areas of the house.

Older homes with excessive coats of paint will require more attention unless the paint problems are repaired properly. There is no such thing as a maintenance free home.

A yearly pressure rinse will keep the exterior of your home looking new. It also gives you the opportunity to see minor issues before they become costly to repair.

A good exterior paint job will make your home look great, but it also is intended to protect the material your home is made of, like wood trim and hardy board siding. In turn these surfaces protect the structure of your home from weather damage.

Interior painted surfaces should be maintained. To clean marks off of paint use warm water and a soft cloth rubbing gently. If this does not work you can use a very mild detergent diluted on the cloth like dish washing liquid. Always rub very gently. If the paint has a flat finish and needs to be touched up you can do it with a brush or roller just in the area that has the mark. If the mark is from something that is not water soluble it will have to be primed first or the mark will bleed through. If the paint finish is satin, eggshell, semi gloss or gloss then that entire wall will need to be re painted from corner to corner or you will see the brush or roller strokes.